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Fleur De Vie 


Well, the truth is, Fleur De Vie was a total fluke.  I finished undergrad at UCSC and went to law school at Rutgers in Newark, New Jersey.  After graduation, I worked at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals as a Staff Attorney, and later as a Research Attorney for the Santa Clara County Superior Court.  One day, a good friend asked me to help her prepare her wedding flowers.  In order to be better prepared, I took an introductory course in the Floristry Program at San Francisco City College.  I loved it!  Finally, something I was passionate about and truly enjoyed!  So, I completed my class and signed up for another, and then another, and then another.  During those two years of taking weekend and evening classes, I kept wishing I could leave my legal career behind and work as a florist full time.  Well, my dream finally did come true.  I cut the umbilical cord and left the legal world to do what I really loved doing—designing wedding and event flowers!

Fleur De Vie Designers

Working with me are a team of designers all of whom, like me, have received training in the Floristry Program at San Francisco City College.  I believe in always doing your best, and that means that I only select the best to work with. 

Please call or email me to set up a free consultation if you would like to discuss floral needs.  I look forward to meeting you!



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